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To offer health services and therapeutic support for the benefit of vulnerable groups, especially people with disabilities. We take care of formulating social projects that suit the general population. Our activities are focused on social inclusion, health, environment, and research.

We are determined to instil tenacity in the minds of future generations.

Through strategic not-for-profit partnerships, donations, and efforts of our volunteers and arbonne employees, the foundation helps young people thrive with healthy minds and happy hearts.

Made up of a group of volunteers, our mission is to support most of the India's autistic & handicapped (divyang) children's and youth through projects that promote education & learning technical skills. Our goal is to be a faithful intermediary between donors and the children and young people we support. This is possible thanks to the fact that our team comprises of volunteers & our employees who reconcile their daily jobs with valuable work in the organization.

Special initiative

We also have a special program planned by Shri Sujeet Samar Bahadur Singh & Smt. Sonali Sujeet Singh adopting a few children for education and medical care sponsorship every year who have lost their parents or one of the parents and are facing difficulty supporting their education. We wish no child should be deprived of better education just because of loss of income or a parent and caring for them like our own children to make a better society for all.