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How to help others with small everyday gestures

01 May 2021

There are many ways to help others. A small gesture, such as a smile at the right time, a convenient greeting or a timely tap on the back, can have effects you may not imagine.

Small gestures like these, which improve our environment, what do they cost us? Nothing. Sometimes we even do them, and we don't even realize it. Like these, there are many other things that we can do without effort, in our day to day, to help others, to improve our world a little and, above all, to be happier, better and more comfortable with ourselves and themselves.

These types of gestures are, in many cases, the origin of important initiatives that are framed in what we now know as global citizenship. This concept seeks to consolidate networks of people in the world that contribute to improving the conditions of the unfolding environments.

But not only that: these global citizenship networks are based on values ??such as dialogue, justice, solidarity, defence of rights and freedoms, commitment, co-responsibility and environmental awareness, among others.

Consume responsibly

Being caring people concerned about the welfare of others implies, first of all, being responsible for our actions, including what we consume. Choosing to consume responsibly can be a great way to help others.

Volunteer projects

If you have a little more time, you can also sign up for any of the many options available to you to participate in volunteer projects, helping people with very varied profiles or helping to spread the message of one of the solidarity organizations and NGOs who work helping others.

Collaborate on time

But if you do not have time to join a volunteer project, you can carry out other types of collaborations that help people.

Participate in events in our neighbourhood or city

You can also participate in the organization of parties and public events. It is a more concrete measure, but no less efficient: you can commit yourself to issues that concern our immediate environment.

Helping others is as easy, simple and straightforward as trying. What are you waiting for to take the first step? As we have seen, it does not involve secrets or requires great efforts, only the will and desire to live in a slightly better world.