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The SFT uses cookies to make your browsing experience easier and more pleasant and to better adapt the content of its site to your needs and preferences. We will be considered as the controller with regard to the personal data that we collect during your use of our website. (

Since our website uses cookies, we would like to inform you of the different types of cookies we use and that our service providers use, and how you can manage and block them.

If you have any questions, problems or complaints regarding this cookie policy or our use of cookies or if you want to withdraw your consent, you can contact our "Privacy" department by e-mail:


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small data file that a website asks your browser to install on your PC, laptop or mobile device when you visit the site or certain pages of it. The cookie allows this website to "remember" over time your choices and preferences (for example your choice of language) and to apply them on subsequent visits.

A cookie usually contains the name of the site it came from, how long it will remain on your computer (the expiration date) and a code that is usually a single number generated randomly.

A distinction is made between strictly necessary cookies and others.

Strictly necessary cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website, for example to secure our site and make it accessible. The legislation in force does not oblige us to ask your permission to use such cookies.

We can also distinguish other categories of cookies according to their specific purpose. We will ask your permission for each of these categories (unless the cookie is strictly necessary).

Cookies can be classified into the following categories:

(a) Permanent cookies and session cookies: a permanent cookie has the task of recognizing the browser with a view to repeated visits to the website while that of a session cookie is to recognize it during the consultation of the site. Persistent cookies remain stored on your computer or mobile device. Session cookies are deleted at the end of each visit.

(b) First-party cookies and third-party cookies: first- party cookies are placed by the website itself and third-party cookies are placed by sites other than ours. This happens when our site contains material from other sites, such as social media plug-ins or advertisements placed on our site.

(c) Performance cookies and functional cookies: Performance cookies monitor how the visitor uses the website. This allows the site manager to adapt and optimize the content and usability of the site (for example: how many people have viewed the different pages of the site and what is their favorite language). Functional cookies are cookies that remember your preferences when you visit the site, such as your choice of language, which make the site more user-friendly and improve your user experience.

Cookies do not always contain personal data, but may contain information that can identify you, in which case such cookies are treated as personal data. Insofar as a cookie can be considered as personal data, our Privacy Policy applies. You will find more information on privacy, data protection and your rights in the Privacy policy.

Cookies used by our partners

Our website uses social media plugins. These partner social networks use third-party cookies. These are the following social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. Regarding the way in which we use these social media plug-ins, we refer you to the Privacy policy. For your information, we also give you the links to the relevant cookie policy:

(a) Twitter:;

(b) Facebook and Instagram:

(c) Google+::;

(d) YouTube:

Management and blocking of cookies

The website visitor is informed (by means of a pop-up) of the cookies that we use and is asked to give his authorization for the use of each of these cookies. You can manage or delete cookies at any time by configuring your browser and thus refuse some or all cookies, with the exception of strictly necessary cookies since they are essential for the visitor to be able to consult the site and use its functions. Deleting cookies limits the service we can provide and may influence your user experience. It may result in you being required to manually adjust your preferences each time you visit our site.

For more details and information on how to control and / or delete cookies, see the corresponding page in your browser:

(a) in


(c) (Internet Explorer);

(d) (Firefox);



Changes to the cookies policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this cookie policy. You can view the most recent version of it on our website.